Pawn’s Gambit


A ravishing brunette in a little black dress.

An immortal wizard masquerading as a taxi driver.

A mystical conflict that spans centuries.

And Steven Bauer thought chess was just a game.

Rescued from a seductive assassin by a world-weary mystic known as Grey,

Steven learns an inconceivable truth: He is the White Pawn in a nightmare

game of chess where the wrong move can leave you dead… or worse.

He must travel to every corner of North America,

find the remaining Pieces of the White and prepare them for the Game,

a life or death struggle that will decide not only their fate

but the fate of every living thing on the continent.

But Steven isn’t alone in his search, as the Black Queen

and her assembled pantheon of darkness are on the hunt as well…

Holding the Pawn

Pawn’s Gambit – Book I of The Pawn Stratagem

14 October 2016 from Falstaff Books



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