Widgets and Doodads and Gizmos, oh my!


Welcome to my second post of 2014. Thanks to the tireless efforts of J. Matthew Saunders (check out his blog),  I now have new stuff on each blog post. Wonder at the ability to leave “Likes”. Feast your eyes upon the various social media outlets these blog posts can now be foisted upon. Check out the awesome way it automatically sends my blog posts to Facebook, Twitter, Saskatchewan, Lower Dahomey, Mars, and the West Side of Alpha Centauri (because who ever visits the East Side of Alpha Centauri, anyway?)

All joking aside, I am putting this post up mostly as a test. We’ll see if it ends up where it is going. I will be interested to start watching blog stats, shares, likes, etc. as I have never had these capabilities before. So, everybody, social media away. Apparently, I’ll be watching.



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