Where’s Darin?

IMG_3048Doesn’t Darin have a blog? I mean, he used to do that Mussorgsky Mondays thing, right?

Hi, everyone. I’m still here, just been busy working on the new WIP, a sequel to The Mussorgsky Riddle, which I must say is coming along a lot better than I anticipated. Funny how these books sort of write themselves sometimes.

Except they don’t, in the very real concrete way of thinking about it.

I do my best to write, blog, social media, all the things a writer is supposed to do in addition to eat, drink , sleep, work, see family, friends, girlfriend, etc. but my daily words are precious and of late, I’ve been spending most of them on the next book. Wish I could find a way to get in more blogging, facebooking, tweeting, pinteresting, tumblring, etc., but I just can’t and get this book written. Never was that great at juggling, anyway…

The writing, on the other hand, has been pretty exciting of late. Right now, it feels like it did when all the little strings (pardon the pun) from Mussorgsky started to come together as we headed for the big finale. I’m excited to sit and write these days, and it shows in the recent word count. As I near the end of this current WIP, I’m really gearing up. But this is nothing new. I always start to accelerate toward the end. Happens every time.

For instance, I started this book the day after Christmas, 26 Dec 2014, or for all intents and purposes, January.

Jan – May – 42,247 words total

Jun – 56,308 (up 9,061 words) Also, June usuallyeats me alive every year.

Jul – 69,397 (up 13,089 words)

Aug – 81,875 (up 12,478 words – and still with 14 days to go!)

I did stop and knock out two short stories along the way, the first 5K and the second 7K, which, while cool, is a bit frustrating as I’m pretty sure I’d be knocking on the door of my two favorite words (The End) right about now if I’d just kept going, but those stories were both fun and hopefully will be published someday in the not too distant future. Meanwhile, the novel was allowed to gestate/marinate/other metaphor ending in -ate during these two times away and now I’m back at it with a vengeance.

There are many reasons why I seem to be picking up speed. As always, Aug and Sep are typically when my life calms back down a bit at work, but I think the biggest reason this time is I can’t wait to see how this story ends. Truth be told, I know what’s coming–Trust me, I do–but do any of us REALLY know exactly how the story will end until we actually get there?

Flannery O’Connor said it best: “I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.”

Speaking of the end, it’s nearly midnight and tomorrow is coming whether I’m ready or not, so I will sign off for now. As always happy writing, and I hope to be back around these parts sometime soon!




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