I was notified by e-mail today that a fourth short story of mine was accepted for publication at Pill Hill Press. The necromancer from my first story makes a reappearance in this story, facing off against a vampire in a graveyard full of shambling undead corpses. Yes, it’s the ideal story to read to your kids at bedtime!

Every story in “Monster Mash” takes two or more classic monsters and “mashes” them together. Can’t wait to see what everybody else “put together” for this one. You can check it out too – it should be available at Pill Hill Press’s website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble.com, and Park Road Books in Charlotte, NC sometime in early October (just in time for Halloween!) If all goes perfectly, it will be ready before the book signing, but I’m not holding my breath.

Thanks, as always, to my awesome stable of beta readers. You squeeze my coal into diamonds every time!

For Pawn’s Gambit fans – working on a new angle. More on that if and when it reaches fruition!

Now, if only “Clown Monkey” makes it into Daily Bites of Flesh, I’ll be batting a thousand at Pill Hill!

Who knew I was a horror writer…


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