Two new acceptances! Callooh! Callay!

Dark Hall Emby

Great news this week! Found out earlier this week that my story “The Eye of the Beholder” was accepted into Dark Hall Press‘s Cosmic Horror Anthology and just got my e-mail from Emby Press that my story “Middle Ground” was accepted into their Steampunk Monster Hunter Anthology, The Dark Monocle. Very exciting. Both of these anthologies are due out in early 2014. Special thanks to William Renehan at Dark Hall and Miles Boothe at Emby for believing in these stories.

And now we return you to your regular scheduled programming while I return to Operation: Ghost Story. Closing in on the climax of the story and can’t get there fast enough!

Oh yeah. A quick shout out to all my friends either at or watching the game today. Go Panthers!



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