Today is the day – Inaugural entry of my new blog “Checkered Ramblings”

Since July, I have been waiting for a good day to restart blogging. When I get back from Scotland. When life slows down a bit. When I finish all the revisions on the WIP. Lots of different “whens” entered into the equation. Well, guess what. I’m back from Scotland, life is a little slower this week, and as of two days ago, my WIP is no longer IP. So, here we go.

This has been a big year already thus far, so let’s catch up. The biggest news is that after more hours, days, months, years, rejections, revisions, edits, critiques, encouragements, disappointments, writers conferences, etc. than I’d like to remember, I finally have acquired what until a month ago might as well have been the Holy Grail – a literary agent. Stacey Donaghy, with Corvisiero Literary Agency, fell in love with manuscript over the summer and corresponded with me about her experience as she read, even while I was across the pond visiting relatives in Edinburgh, Scotland. I had been back stateside for a couple of weeks when I received the call. July 18, 2012, while I was at my Wednesday night Writer’s Clutch at Amelie’s, I received a conference call from Stacey and Marisa Corvisiero. To those of you who aren’t as familiar, getting the call is a big deal. They offered representation for Pawn’s Gambit and after doing my due diligence with everyone else who had materials, I signed on the dotted line. (Actually, it was solid, but let’s not split hairs.) Since that time, Stacey has been nothing short of outstanding in her diligence, communication, and general awesomeness. To all of you looking for an agent, let me tell you – wait for the agent who gets you and your stuff. It is qualitatively different. I feel that I don’t just have AN agent; I have MY agent. (and to whoever sent her a nastygram last night, look out – I have enough medical know-how to put you down and make it look like natural causes… 😉

So, as you can guess, my contemporary fantasy novel, Pawn’s Gambit, is currently on submission. And… that’s all I’m going to say about that. To paraphrase the great philosopher, Tyler Durden: The first rule of Submission Club is: You do not talk about Submission Club. The second rule of Submission Club is: You do not talk about Submission Club.

Speaking of my oh-so-recently completed WIP, I sent my manuscript which is codenamed “MR” to Stacey on Sunday (August 23rd) and eagerly await her thoughts. More on that as it develops.

To my readers out there, I have multiple short stories coming out in various anthologies and magazines in the next few months.

1) “Midnight Screening” in Pill Hill Press’s Anthology, Psycho Cinema, due out later this year. — A vampire and a werewolf stand in line for a movie and bemoan the way their respective “people” are presented on the silver screen. Went for the funny on this one.

2) “The Sicilian Defense” in the October issue of Chess Life magazine, the official publication of the U.S. Chess Federation. Think Sports Illustrated for chess players. — The chess board on Ray’s living room table starts playing a game with him, and Ray is more than willing to meet this invisible opponent across the 64 square battlefield, that is until his first piece is taken and people in Ray’s life start to die.

3) “Flight of the Pegasus” in the winter issue of White Cat Magazine, an online publication. Their fall issue is available right now – go check it out. — My first foray into Steampunk, this story is the first of hopefully many adventures of Captain Craig Carruthers who may as well be played by Buster Crabbe (look him up). Airships? Check. Automatons? Check. Mysterious foes? Check. GIANT MECHANICAL CENTIPEDE TO FIGHT ATOP SKYSCRAPER? Check, and check. Now, “check” it out… 😉

4) “Solomon” in Kerlak Publishing’s anthology, The Big Bad: An Anthology of Evil. Edited by my good friend John Hartness (at and a new friend of mine, Emily Leverett, this anthology will be tale after tale of stories told from the point of view of the villain and should be very cool. This story is the fourth in my “April Sullivan: Necromancer for Hire” series, the first three of which will be available later this year as an e-book and will sport a cover by another great friend of mine, Roy Mauritsen. (Check him out at for his awesome artwork and his fantastic debut novel: Shards of the Glass Slipper: Queen Cinder.)

To close out this inaugural edition of the new blog, I am rechristening this little corner of the internet “Checkered Ramblings” and as soon as I can get a little tech assistance, the new title will be in place. Please excuse the website not being quite done. I’ve been quite busy getting MR ready for Stacey, but now that my little 108,000 word love letter to Pictures at an Exhibition is done, you may be seeing more of me.

I look forward to reading your comments. Enjoy the website. Feel free to check out some of the old blogs from my previous website if you like. Still have to bring forward all the old publications, but that is coming soon. Any suggestions are welcome. See you back here soon.




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