The Tchaikovsky Finale

The Tchaikovsky Finale

19 Dec 2017 – Curiosity Quills Press


Psychic Mira Tejedor lies comatose in the wake of her second battle

with the devious Madame Versailles, but her sacrifice was not in vain.

Though at great cost, her nemesis is no more, her love has returned

to the land of the living, and twelve innocent girls are back with their families.

Still, young Anthony Faircloth can’t escape the notion

there must have been another way.


Obsessed with freeing Mira as Mira once freed him,

Anthony works to rekindle their special link and soon

meets with more success than he knows what to do with.


Two distinct worlds, both forged in the imagination

of Pyotr Ilyitch Tchaikovsky, threaten to consume his life.

By the still waters of Swan Lake, Anthony assumes the guise

of a man named Benno and must help Prince Siegfried defend

the Swan Princess, Odette, from the machinations of a dark sorcerer.


In the Stahlbaum house, he takes on the role of a boy named Fritz who,

under the command of the Nutcracker Prince, must save his sister Clara

from the onslaught of the Mouse King and his army of rodent soldiers.


At the intersection of the two disparate settings lies

yet another mystery: both Odette and Clara wear Mira’s face.

And these intertwining perils are but shadows of the real danger.


Back in the real world, a menacing figure from Mira’s past has escaped

from prison and now stalks her on both sides of the veil of dream.

Anthony must bring Mira out of her catatonic state so that she can fight

one last time, or her life and the lives of all she loves will be lost.

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