The Stravinsky Intrigue

The Stravinsky Intrigue

27 Feb 2017 – Curiosity Quills Press


Nine months have passed since psychic Mira Tejedor last walked the halls

of Anthony Faircloth’s adolescent mind. All but family now, Mira is relocating

to Charlotte, NC, not only for a much-needed change of scenery,

but to further her burgeoning relationship with Dr. Thomas Archer.

On the eve of her move, however, a new threat emerges.


Young girls from every corner of Charlotte are falling catatonic, a condition

eerily similar to the illness from which Mira rescued Anthony the previous fall.

Mira reluctantly agrees to help Detective Calvin Sterling with the case

and soon finds herself pulled into a new pair of fantasy worlds,

both borne from the brilliant mind of Igor Stravinsky.


In the world of The Firebird, Mira becomes the warrior Ivanovna

and battles an immortal evil threatening to steal the girls’ souls for all eternity.

In the Russian fair from Petrushka, she assumes the role of Ballerina,

one of three magical puppets who dance at the whim of a cruel Charlatan.

Torn between Moor and Clown, bizarre doppelgangers of the two vastly

different men in her life, and threatened at every turn by a sorcerer

who craves her very essence, Mira must navigate the cruel deceptions

of both worlds and win, or her life and the lives of a dozen innocents will be forfeit.

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2 Responses to “The Stravinsky Intrigue”

  • werewife

    I went to Amazon to buy this for my Kindle and it’s OUT OF PRINT! WTH? How and why can an ebook go out of print?! When will I be able to get this (and the third book) again?!


    • Darin Kennedy

      Hi! Darin here.
      My original publisher and I had to part ways last week. A new publisher is taking on all three of the Fugue and Fable books. We are working to get those available in ebook and paperback again ASAP! Please bear with us a bit and these books will be again available. Hope you enjoyed The Mussorgsky Riddle!

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