The Night Before, The Anticipation, and… a Contest


So, it’s the night before the launch party for my debut novel, The Mussorgsky Riddle, at Park Road Books in Charlotte. All 125 books are nestled at the store, waiting to be pored over by the throngs of people that plan to attend tomorrow. (Throngs, I say! Throngs!) The poster of the cover is framed and on a tripod by the store’s main door. My swag is neatly stacked inside the top box. All three pens are tested for adequate inkage. I know what clever turn of phrase I intend to write above my scrawled signature hopefully 125 times tomorrow.

The pieces are in place. The board is set. Let the game begin.


Meanwhile, I’ve learned how exciting seeing an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper pinned to a clip board can be…




And now, for the contest. Already posted on my Facebook wall, but putting it here as well. Welcome to “Mussorgsky Selfies, The Contest!” (Trademark Pending) To any readers, take a picture of yourself reading The Mussorsky Riddle and post it to your wall, tagging me and yourself. I will put all the pictures in my “Mussorgsky Selfies” album and on Feb 1st I will pick one at random and also my favorite, and each person will get a free ebook copy of the book sent to your phone. If the winner already has an ecopy, they can donate their win to someone else, or exchange for an ebook copy of Chronology, the 2015 Curiosity Quills Anthology which has a short story by yours truly, my very first attempt at steampunk.

So, that’s all for now! The book launch is in 14 1/2 hours, and I am beat. To bed with me, but not before inserting my very own selfie…


Good night, world, see you on the flip side!


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