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Write what you love – Guest post on Marisa Corvisiero’s blog


Hi everyone! If you have a moment, drop by and see my guest post on my agent’s blog. Hope you leave just a bit inspired!



The Winter of my Discontent

Status of current project:


Word Count thus far: 43,643

Page Count thus far: 141 pages

Goal for this week: About to retool the goals, as I took a couple of months off

There are times in your life when you feel like writing, then there are the last two months. I’ve written about 3,000 words on Book 2 and no blogging has occurred whatsoever. Sometimes when your brain tells you it needs a break, you should drive on, but this time I think the creative well just needed to fill back up. Part of it was the business of holiday season, part of it was work, part of it was a couple of speed bumps on the road to publication of late, part of it even I probably don’t fully understand, but the short short version is that getting into my writing “happy place” has not been all that easy of late. Lots of ideas coming, just having trouble getting motivated to sit my butt in the chair and do it. This little blog is my effort to get back on the wagon.

That being said, my new manifesto is to be at 80,000 words by my 39th birthday, if not further. That would be Act 2 of Book 2 done, with only Act 3 to go. That’s 37,000 words in 21 weeks, or 1761 words (my previous 5 pages) per week. I’ve done it before, I can do it again.

Does this sound like someone giving himself a pep talk. It should. 😉

Congratulations to Carrie Ryan on her Bram Stoker nomination for her 2009 debut novel The Forest of Hands and Teeth. I wish her all the best in winning this prestigious award! I’m certain she’s ecstatic just being nominated. I tried to vote, but the Horror Writing Community called the cops and had me escorted out!!! How rude! 😉

Met a man named David Schlosser at a recent writers workshop who does some publishing consulting and may be starting a publishing company. We had a great first meeting, so we will see if that bears any fruit. No current irons in the fire as far as agents go – I’m thinking about doing another entire revision prior to letting anyone else look at it.

And with that, I will continue with my best impersonation of glacier. Will put down a page before bed tonight. Big question for me lately has been to work on Book 2 of Pawn Stratagem or get to work on The Mussorgsky Riddle. Thoughts?


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The First of December

Status of current project:


Word Count thus far: 40,060

Page Count thus far: 127 pages

Goal for this week: Technically, 165 pages

(I started November 40 pages behind, and am now only 38 pages behind so actually I’m quite pleased!)

First off, to all of you who cranked out 50,000 words in November for NaNoWriMo, congrats and wow. I churned out 6500 words, and even those aren’t perfect. Got to keep at it for December. Hope to blog a bit more frequently in December, but was purposely waiting to see how much I could get done in November.

Still working on making connections in the writing world and going for the ever elusive representation. Not much news on that front, but Book 2 is shaping up regardless. The first “act” is basically done with two or three more to go. Depending on how many pages the next two acts take will determine whether the fourth act remains the fourth act of Book 2 or the first of Book 3. Still a bit up in the air. And with that, it’s one till midnight and I promised I would submit this blog before 2 December. Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season. Going for 50,000 words by New Years. We’ll see.

Lastly, I have recently made the acquaintance of Carrie Ryan, young adult author of The Forest of Hands and Teeth, a post-apocalyptic tale of zombies, isolation, religious fanatacism, and love. I am in the last chapter and hope to finish it tomorrow night. Check it out if you haven’t already. It is well worth the read!


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Happy Halloween!!!

Status of current project:


Word Count thus far: 33481

Page Count thus far: 106 pages

Goal for this week: So far behind it doesn’t matter… (technically, 145 pages)

Wow. What a week. Worked all week buffing my manuscript and synopsis to submit to an agent that I met at the Writer’s Conference in Cape Cod. Just e-mailed it two hours ago and so now, the waiting begins. Keep your fingers crossed everyone!

As a result of all my travels in October and trying to get everything ready for this latest submission, my time on Four Corners has been limited at best, but along with the rest of the NaNoWriMo writers, I plan to start cranking out some serious pages in November. I may blog again in November, but I hope to blog again on December 1st and have at least fifty more pages under my belt. That is my goal, and I’m sticking to it. (The poor NaNoWriMo people are trying to churn out around 170 pages in comparison. Wow…)

And with that, back to the fray. Page 107, here I come!


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Sunday Mourning

Status of current project:


Word Count thus far: 32772

Page Count thus far: 102 pages

Goal for this week: 120 pages

As anyone who can do basic math can tell, I have fallen a bit behind on my five page per week goal. I was cooking along pretty well until about 3-4 weeks ago when I was having all that trouble sleeping. What I finally figured out was that I had wrenched my upper back and the muscle spasm was keeping me from sleeping effectively which in turn was keeping my back from getting better. I vicious circle indeed. Well, I am one week out from my first ever therapeutic massage which has seriously improved my back and neck pain, not to mention my sleep and general outlook on life.

In addition, this past week was our first week in the new clinic. We are on the fourth floor of the new medical office building at Mercy Hospital in Charlotte. The clinic is beautiful. Some people are having some trouble finding it, which is making our clinics run a bit late, plus things aren’t running quite as smoothly since everything is new. Even good change is stressful. That being said, I love the new clinic and look forward to working there for many years to come

In short, this is my way of documenting to myself more than anyone that I am behind and that I need to get back on the horse. When you’re not sleeping, I guess, there’s just not a lot of water ii the well, no matter how much you want to drink. It’s not writer’s block – as I know what’s happening next in the story – I think it’s more like writer’s fatigue (or just general fatigue).  🙂

I hope that by the next time you read this blog the differential between goal and written pages is less than 18, but we’ll see. Now, where was I…


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If you love something…

I haven’t blogged in almost a month and felt the need to sit down and lay some white letters onto a grey background. Sorry about the cryptic title. Just having an introspective evening. The writing continues apace. Back on June 30th, my birthday, I made a promise to myself to write five pages a week for a year, and try to knock out my second novel (or come pretty close) in just over a year. At the time I was 58 pages in, and I am proud to say that up until this past week, I was able to keep up. However, the story has taken some interesting turns, and this past week, I only got about one page done, so I have nine pages to finish this week to catch up. It’s an interesting time in my story. Literally, for the first time in months, I’m relatively unsure what happens after the end of the next chapter. Chapter 9 of Book 2 sort of finishes up the initial plot line of the book, and segues into the next part of the story, a part that as of this moment I am undecided about which century it is should be set in, much less what is supposed to happen. It is both exciting and frustrating. My page goals, I am afraid may take a bit of a hit, but I’d rather have quality than quantity any day. Still, I want to keep pushing forward, so all in favor of my folks visiting the Wild West, say aye!

New feature to the blog (I lifted this idea from C. E. Murphy’s blog.)


Word Count thus far: 29182

Page Count thus far: 91

Goal for this week: 100 pages total by Sunday night.

Keep me honest everybody!!!

Hope everyone has a great week! I think weekly may work for the blog (got to do this more than monthly). I will let everyone know how my page count looks by Sunday. Later!


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Back in the Saddle

As I sit down for the first time in just over a month to blog (in Spanish is that blogar?), I have many reasons to be thankful. I’m halfway through my first year in Charlotte, I still love my new job, my house in Georgia sold and the closing is in four days, I’ve kicked the writing back into high gear (currently minimum 5 pages per week which by Stephen King standards is pond water slow, but I digress), and lastly, I have found a truly great group of writers to help with the fine tuning and at times, massive overhauling. Yesterday they gave critique on Chapter 2 of Pawn’s Gambit and with their help, I finally figured out what’s been bothering me about some of the events/writing in that chapter. I spent most of the afternoon and evening yesterday with a serious bout of editing and rewriting, and for the first time since finishing the book last year, I feel like Chapter 2 is up to the standard of the rest of the book. I guess that means it’s time to get back on Book 2.

For three weeks now, I have kept up with my 5 page minimum; however, this week, I am a bit behind (gasp, Darin has a full time job and a life!) so I plan to finish this blog entry, then get back to work on Chapter 7 of Four Corners with a goal of four pages of keepable manuscript before I hit the sack tonight. I think I can do it, in fact I know I can do it.

Lastly the news page remains empty for now. No bites from any agent as yet, and in fact, at this time, I don’t think I even have any active irons in the fire. If I get any further news, I’ll post.

Best wishes for a happy rest of July, everyone! I doubt I’ll post again before August, but we’ll see.


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It is hard to believe that I’ve been working at Eastland Family Practice here in Charlotte for almost 5 months now. It seems that just yesterday I was attending the Christmas party at Dr. Hall’s house and meeting everyone for the first time. Tonight was the night where we all met at Dr. Menscer’s and began the month long process of saying goodbye to our graduating residents. It has been an honor and a privilege to work along side such a fine group of young physicians. I wish them well as they embark upon their various careers and hope to cross paths with many of them in the future.

I also wanted to comment on how much I already feel a part of the residency staff here at Eastland. It’s is very much a family, and I feel like a long lost cousin more than a stranger and for that, I am grateful. At work and at play, this group is a good fit. It’s nice to know in your heart of hearts that you have made a good decision.

Clinic was great today. Precepted all morning with lots of interesting cases with the residents, then powered into the afternoon clinic full force. My first seven all showed early then the last three either cancelled or no-showed. Thus, I was done at 4:30. Note to those who don’t work in a clinic – this NEVER happens. All in all, a great day.

As for the writing, not much done today, not even any editing. Was gone from the house from 0745 to 2200 and barely stopped moving the entire time. Just enough time tonight to answer e-mails and drop a blog. I do, however, hope to finish editing the last few pages of Chapter 13 tomorrow and then hit Starbucks tomorrow afternoon on my much vaunted afternoon off and knock out Chapter 14. We’ll see how that goes.

Have a great end of the week everyone!!!


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Day Two

I must say, for a day that started with only five and a half hours of sleep under my belt, today turned out pretty well. Was it the plethora of no shows in morning clinic? The high percentage of cute kids with colds/minor issues that made the day go quickly? The satisfying diagnosis at the end of the day and the very satisfied patient that left the clinic to go get her CT scan? Hard to say.

Darin is home. Time to strip away the white coat and tie put on my virtual turtleneck and rectangular glasses and start making the magic happen. I plan to work on editing the rest of Chapter 13 of Pawn’s Gambit and getting it into the hands of my latest reader/sage Eden Royce for evaluation.

A quick shout out to my friend, Dwight Baldwin. His story “Repercussions” has just been published in a literary trade paperback called Iconic due out this summer. His story explores what would happen if Sherlock Holmes turned his attention on Jack the Ripper and the “repercussions” of such a meeting. It’s definitely worth a look!

That’s all for tonight. I’m off to edit, among other things. See you tomorrow!


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A Night of Firsts

Just twenty-four hours ago, I didn’t have a website, didn’t have a blog, didn’t have all the nifty little chess pictures that are littered around the site. Time to finally enter this corner of the twenty-first century, I suppose. I enter with a bang, not a whimper, contrary to the esteemed Mr. Eliot’s prediction of the end of all things. I have a lot of work to do to get this virtual house of cards to stand up, but as it is quickly approaching midnight, on this the first day of the last month of my thirty-seventh year on this planet, I shall be brief.

If you are visiting this site for the first time, I’m Darin Kennedy. Doctor by day, novelist by night, not to mention most weekends. I have completed my first novel, a contemporary fantasy called Pawn’s Gambit, the first in a trilogy I call The Pawn Stratagem. (Ahhh, that explains all the chess imagery everywhere.) My tale of Steven Bauer and his brave compatriots has been a true labor of love, and as I approach what has to be the fourth or fifth complete edit of the book, I’ve got to say, I think it’s ready. Like a good soup that has simmered for the better part of a day, it is ready to be consumed.

Chess theory states that every game has three distinct parts: the opening, the middle game, and the endgame. My opening moves are complete, and as I enter the middle game of this grand endeavor, I am simultaneously excited and daunted. I’m about six chapters into the sequel, Four Corners. This looks to be a very different book, in subject matter if not theme, and the story is taking me in directions I never dreamed, or at least not while I was hewing Pawn’s Gambit out of a large pile of words. It’s been fun incorporating elements from the first book that I had no idea would come full circle in this book about squares and corners. The third book, whose working title is Endgame, exists only in the roughest of forms, though the final outcome is written in my mind’s eye and is just waiting for me to get there.

And with that, I must bid you a good night. My patients in the morning most likely would prefer their physician to be conscious, so it’s to bed with me. Come again sometime. I’ll be here…


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