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Loch Norman Highland Games


Loch Norman Highland Games – 16 Apr 2106

Top of the morning to ya!

Just letting everyone know I will be out at the Loch Norman Highland Games on Saturday only. I will be spending most of the day with the prettiest wee lass at the fair, but for the first few hours I will likely be selling books near the gate. Feel free to drop by and say hi!

Thanks to Jim Nettles for the invitation. Clan Erskennedy is looking forward to getting our bagpipes on. (Is that a thing?)

Of note, Jim may be selling a few books of his own and you should check out his stuff. Anyone who writes about gnomes who are being murdered and turned into garden statuary deserves a read!

Hope to see you all out at the Games!


P.S. For all you Caber tossers out there, my website is Doctor by Day, Novelist by Night. In case of emergency, I can check for hernias…