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“Out of the Shadows”

We Are Not This

Oct 2016 – Falstaff Books

From an anthology in support of LGBTQ rights in NC,

a story of a transgender superhero defending

the life of the governor who put in place a law

at odds with the hero’s very existence.

Pawn’s Gambit


Pawn’s Gambit

14 Oct 2016 – Falstaff Books





Until the sultry brunette in the little black dress

did her best to incinerate him.


Yesterday was just another day at the office for Steven.

Today, he is the White Pawn, a combatant in a nightmarish

game of chess where people are the pieces, and the world is at stake.

To survive the deadly Black Queen, Steven must

rush to gather the rest of his Pieces:


The Knight, a grieving teenage boy

caught up in a web of gang violence. 

The Queen, a young woman at death’s door,

her body ravaged by leukemia. 

The Bishop, a disgraced priest haunted by visions of the Game.

The Rook, a suicidal drunk reeling atop a storm-ridden skyscraper.


But Steven isn’t the only one looking for

the remainder of the White,

as the Black Queen already has her Pieces assembled,

and they are on the hunt…

Pawn’s Gambit Release Today!


Today is the official release date for Pawn’s Gambit from Falstaff Books, and I couldn’t be more excited!

As many of you know, this is the first novel I ever wrote, and though I’m a couple years into this whole publishing thing, this is the book I always imagined would be my first. Pawn’s Gambit is a story that’s been brewing inside me for the better part of thirty years and to see it finally available for the world to read is a dream come true. This marriage of contemporary fantasy, superheroes, and chess with just a sprinkle of romance brings together several of my worlds and I can’t wait for everyone to have a chance to read.

Thanks to John Hartness and Jay Requard at Falstaff for taking a chance on this book, to Roy Mauritsen for the gorgeous cover, to Sharon Pickrel and Melissa Gilbert for an awesome editing job, and to Susan Roddey for the beautiful interior layout.

Avengers + Magic + Chess = Pawn’s Gambit… Available now!!!

Come and get me...

A Big Day


A few weeks ago, I posted a reference to one of my favorite movie memories from The Jerk. Steve Martin’s character proclaims “The new phone book is here!” again and again as he tears into said phone book searching for his name. Seeing your name in print is a beautiful thing indeed.

When I arrived home from work tonight, there was a box on my front porch. There was a box last night as well, but that was the universe’s big fake out – a box full of Vistaprint swag for 2015 that got here REALLY fast. Definitely the dolphin from mine and Matthew’s Dolphin-Shark theory… but I digress.

Tonight, it was the real deal. My box of ARC’s for The Mussorgsky Riddle has finally arrived.

And they are beautiful.

It’s funny. Over the years, I’ve had several short stories published, held those books in my hands, felt the pride and wonder of the experience each time.

But to hold in your hands the novel you slaved over for months, nay, years? To see it in physical form, a real live book (Pinocchio, anyone?) is truly a miracle.

These are just the advance reader copies which I need to get to said readers in short order to get ready to put out the actual book, but it doesn’t diminish what I feel. To see your story on a screen as a PDF or a Kindle file is one thing. To feel the matte cover against your fingertips, to flip through the actual pages, to read words that once existed only in your head and find them now on paper for anyone to read? Incredible, and a little daunting.

This little story of mine is about to be let loose upon the world, and I can’t wait to see what happens.

But for tonight, I think I’m just going to curl up with a good book.

All best,


“Cold Hands, Warm Heart”


Re-Vamped – Blood, Lust, Revenge

April 2014 – Neophyte Press

Extra-marital affairs are at best dangerous and ill-advised,

but when a vampire is involved, all bets are off.

“The Eye of the Beholder”

DHP Cosmic Horror Anthology

Cosmic Horror Anthology

Feb 2014 – Dark Hall Press

Just another day on the Toronto subway, or so Patrick thought.

Compelled by the mysterious words of stranger after stranger he meets,

he braves the darkened subway tunnel to find his destiny,

a destiny chosen for him by an ancient power, neither of which he can escape.

“Tom Roan’s Widow”

DHP Ghost Anthology

Ghost Anthology

Sep 2013 – Dark Hall Press

A ghost haunts the small town of Butler, Tennessee,

and she’s not particularly nice to strangers.

If you’re travelling the Appalachian area,

be careful who you talk to.

It might just be your last conversation.

Flesh & Bone Arrives!

Came home today to find four cardboard boxes resting on my back porch. All 106 copies of Flesh and Bone have arrived! Thirty-five copies a piece for me, Matthew, and Michi! (uh, I mean Eden… oh, who is she trying to kid?) Just wanted to chronicle the moment with a few photos. More later when we have a chance to divvy up the books. Very exciting day!


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Lightning Strikes Twice, and other news

Pill Hill Press accepted a second short story from yours truly today. “Cold Hands, Warm Heart” will appear in their female vampire anthology Fem-Fangs due out September 2010. Flesh and Bone (see previous entry) should be out by late August or early September at the latest.

I and two other writers (who just happen to be good friends of mine) will be joining forces with me for a book signing on October 10, 2010 at Park Road Books in Charlotte, NC. We plan to be there from 2-5 and will have about 100 copies of Flesh and Bone available for signing. Pending publication schedule, I hope to have some copies of Fem-Fangs on hand as well, though the focus of the event is to promote the necromancer anthology. Please come out and support me, Matthew Saunders, and Eden Royce (not her actual name – wink, wink) along with an excellent independent bookstore!

Again, big thanks to everyone who gave input on this new story! I hope it has enough bite for everyone…

Best wishes. I’m off to work on “The Story that so far refuses to be named” (perhaps I should call it Voldemort).


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Big News!

Greetings everyone! I received an e-mail from Pill Hill Press today at lunch that they have accepted my short story, “Necrodance”, for publication in their necromancer anthology coming out this fall: Flesh and Bone: Rise of the Necromancers. This will be my first publication, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how the story turned out. I am thinking that the main character may actually make a follow up appearance in my next submission. We will see I suppose.

Look for the book to hit Amazon in the next few weeks as it is supposed to have a Fall 2010 release and they stop taking submissions in two days.

To everyone who read/edited/critiqued/gave advice on my story: THANKS! It takes a village to “raise” an undead story (like you thought there wouldn’t be a bad pun in here).

Best wishes to everyone, especially to Eden, Matthew, and Kelly who are also submitting to the same anthology. I wish all three of them the best.

And with that, I bid you all good night.


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