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The August Trifecta

Or, “Why Darin’s having a good week.”

Just received an e-mail from Jessy Roberts, the chief editor at Pill Hill Press letting me know they plans to include my latest short story “Nightmare at 200 Feet” in their amusement park themed horror anthology Bloody Carnival. It will join my other two published stories with Pill Hill in Flesh and Bone: Rise of the Necromancers and Fem-Fangs to make August 2010 a very good month for Darin the writer (can I say author yet?)

To say I was excited to get the e-mail would be an understatement, but needless to say, I’m wearing a smile today.

A special thanks to my good friend Eden Royce who spent 2.5 hours with me last night (right up to the 2 am Eastern Time deadline) editing “Nightmare” into publishable shape. Couldn’t have done it without you and the little shot of Starbucks caffeine (not to mention your non-pseudonymous alter ego).

That being said, now between myself, Eden, and Matthew Saunders (the third of our musketeers), we should have three different anthologies available for signing at our 10 Oct 2010 book signing at Park Road Books in Charlotte, NC. We’ll be there from 2-5 and sign anything you want (as long as its legal).

And I’m not stopping here. I’m currently working on another story for Pill Hill’s Monster Mash anthology – it’s due this weekend and I have the story about 80% done. I just need the big ending and then I will send it off and see if Jessy is happy with my latest effort.

For Pawn’s Gambit fans – still waiting to hear back from my few outstanding submissions. If I hear anything on that end, you’ll be able to read about it here.

Now, back to “the story that continues to refuse to be named”.


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