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The Mussorgsky Riddle


The Mussorgsky Riddle

12 Jan 2015 – Curiosity Quills Press


Psychic Mira Tejedor possesses unique talents that enable her to find

anything and anyone, but now she must find a comatose boy wandering

lost inside the labyrinth of his own mind. Thirteen-year-old Anthony

Fairx hasn’t spoken a word in almost a month and with each passing

day, his near catatonic state worsens. No doctor, test, or scan can tell

Anthony’s distraught mother what has happened to her already troubled

son. In desperation, she turns to Mira for answers, hoping her unique

abilities might succeed where science has failed.


At their first encounter, Mira is pulled into Anthony’s mind and finds

the child’s psyche shattered into the various movements of Modest

Mussorgsky’s classical music suite, Pictures at an Exhibition. As she

navigates this magical dreamscape drawn from Anthony’s twin loves of

Russian composers and classical mythology, Mira must contend with

gnomes, troubadours, and witches in her search for the truth behind

Anthony’s mysterious malady.


The real world, however, holds its own dangers. The onset of Anthony’s

condition coincides with the disappearance of his older brother’s girlfriend,

a missing persons case that threatens to tear the city apart.

Mira discovers that in order to save Anthony, she will have to catch a

murderer who will stop at nothing to keep the secrets contained in

Anthony’s unique mind from ever seeing the light.