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BookMarks Movable Feast – 25 Jan 2015


Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of being one of the 22 featured authors at the 3rd Annual Bookmarks Movable Feast in Winston-Salem, NC. Basically “Speed Dating for Authors”, this event has authors moving from table to table filled with readers every 10 minutes so we could introduce them to our various books. There were authors from as far south as Florida and as far north as Vermont and they were a great group of folks to hang out with. I didn’t get to hear their pitches, but I’m sure it would have been a lot of fun to see what everyone else was doing.


Over the course of two hours, I had opportunity to meet with ten tables full of excited readers, two friends of mine from college, a lady who lives less than a mile from my mom and dad’s house (I’m a native Winston-Salemite), and some nice folks from the Greensboro Library system. Every presentation was a bit different, but the common denominator was that every group was so much fun and so gracious, even if paranormal thrillers weren’t necessarily their thing.


After the two hours, the readers were allowed to go to a table at the back where the author’s various books were on sale. I found several new readers at this event, and only regret I didn’t get to meet with the other half of the crowd. I did get to meet Debbie Harlee, the founder of Bookmarks, who kindly bought a copy of The Mussorgsky Riddle and plans to read before passing the book on to a friend who is a fan of the genre.


Afterward, the President of the Bookmarks Board, Charlie Lovett, himself an author, had all the authors who didn’t have to bust a move over to his house for a fantastic dinner and socializing. The man has the largest collection of Lewis Carroll / Alice in Wonderland books and paraphernalia that likely exists. We all had a great time enjoying some great soup and desserts while getting to know each other before we all had to return to the hotel, or in my case, drive back to Charlotte.

After all, today was a work day… 😉

I hope to do more with Bookmarks in the future. This was a fantastic event. If you’re reading this, maybe I’ll see you there next year!

Link to original Bookmarks Movable Feast announcement.

Link to the Winston-Salem Journal article on the event. If you watch the video, you may see someone familiar gesticulating wildly at Table 19 a little under a minute in. 😉

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See you all at the next event!