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Sorry about the MC Hammer reference, but it kind of sums up this blog entry. I used to be amazed at the people that could put down two or three blog entries a week, and now I am double amazed as it seems that as soon as I put down some thoughts and publish it to the web and blink, ten or so days pass instantly. So kudo’s to you daily bloggers! It is as much a discipline as anything else apparently.

I have basically taken a week and a half off from most things writing, other than editing a spare page her or there, plus I did a line edit on fifteen pages of my friend Jim Ryan’s story, “Luxury Theft.” Good opening, Jim! Trying to build up some creative juice so I can get back to work on whichever of my two projects wins the internal contest in my head for preeminence. Still haven’t decided which one tickles my brain more these days. Clinical matters at work are using a lot of my oomph these days, but I feel like I am beginning to settle into a good rhythm and just need to reinsert the writing time in there again. The absence of anything even remotely watchable other than reruns of How I Met Your Mother on TV is certainly helping.

Around work and in general, it’s a time of endings and beginnings. All the residents are graduating and the new interns are starting this week. I just had my first patient die on me since moving back to NC, and my population of patients 6 months and below continues to grow, both as a group and as individuals. Lastly, it’s the end of my 38th year at the end of June. One of my favorite lines from Monty Python and the Holy Grail is “I’m 37! I’m not old.” In 8 days, will have to examine if Michael Palin’s words mean that I have in fact reached the end of the line, or have instead embarked upon a new quest. More on that to follow.

This weekend will see me in Columbus, GA for the graduation of the residents I helped to train for two years and change on Friday morning, then to my friend, Mark’s wedding on Saturday to his lovely bride, Aletha. Should be quite a fun weekend with old friends and new. Then it’s back for birthday and hopefully a little “Music of the Night” (if I can score tickets for Tuesday night). Then it’s back to work Wednesday for a whopping two days until we get the three day weekend for Independence Day. Too bad the two day work week doesn’t pay like the 5 day one. Oh well.

That’s all for now. Continue to send positive thoughts about the book. Who knows, one of these days, there might be something to put on the News Page.



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