State of the Onion – January 2014

No tears, please...

No tears, please…

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.

Takes long breaks between appearances? Sure.

Almost Tom Scholz like in its capacity to make you wait for the next entry? Possibly. (Though hopefully my latest entry will be less disappointing than Boston’s…)

But ending? Never. (Or at least hopefully not for a VERY long time)

A lot of people were posting about New Year’s Resolutions. I want to post about goals. Resolutions are things you either succeed or fail at. Goals are things you strive to attain. And trust me… I know how to strive.

A little about what’s going on with me. Just finished up my first week of call for 2014. Taking care of the new mom’s and babies in the hospital as well as the sick kids that come from the three clinics we cover. You want fun? Try taking care of seven different babies between 1 and 12 months old that all have bronchiolitis and try to keep them all straight. But seriously, back to full time clinic work tomorrow. Had two full weeks off in December as well as this past week with mostly inpatient duties and got a lot of writing done. And that’s where the focus of the rest of this blog post will remain.

I was asked this week by one of my residents if I NaNoWriMo. I had to answer – not really. Between the doctoring, eating, sleeping, Thanksgiving, and general business of the season, November just never seems to be the month for me to get anything done. I did sign up for this “write 50,000 words in 30 days” challenge and kept painstaking track of said words. However, by the end of the month, I had put down a whopping 9637 words. These were good words and many or most of them will stay, but the purported goal of being within striking distance of the end of my “Operation: Ghost Story” manuscript were shipwrecked on the rocks of a busy November.

Come December with a bit of time off and it’s different story. Proud to say I knocked out 25,000 words this December (technically 7 Dec – 5 Jan, but who’s counting, right? – besides me, of course), bringing the manuscript up to about 65K and hopefully about 15-20K from typing “THE END”. As stated above, it’s back to full time fun at work tomorrow morning, but I was excited to get that much done in a month, likely the most I’ve ever done in a month, though I could be wrong on that front.

As for the first two projects, my literary agent, Stacey Donaghy, of Donaghy Literary group continues to shop those projects to various publishers trying to find the right editors for those books. Pawn’s Gambit is a bit on the back burner at the moment, but we’ve got some heavy hitters looking at The Mussorgsky Riddle and I keep my phone close at hand 24/7 waiting for the latest news. Fingers and other appendages all crossed appropriately. I think the only person more excited for me to finish “Operation: Ghost Story” than me is Stacey. She is truly the best and most supportive literary professional I could ever have imagined loving my stuff. Stacey – as you can see, I’m still working on it. ;-).

As far as short stories go, I’m still in the game there as well. As of the end of 2013, I have 15 stories published in various magazines and anthologies from a few different publishers, all of which you can check out earlier in this blog. 2014 is shaping up to be a great year. I already have two acceptances with the relatively new Emby Press, run by the incredibly devoted Miles Boothe. (Get it? Emby? Only took me about a year…) The focus of this press is stories about practitioners of one of the more dangerous professions, that of Monster Hunter. My story, “The Long Game,” will appear in Blood Trails from Emby Press early in 2014, and will feature my new character, Gabriel O’Connor, the Immortal Hunter. Another story, “Midnight Screening,” was just accepted today into Reconstructing the Monster which Miles will likely have out before the end of the year. This story features a vampire and a werewolf in line to see a movie and discussing how Hollywood has their respective attributes all wrong and is a little more tongue in cheek than my usual stuff. I have another story in with Emby called “Middle Ground” which again stars the illustrious Mr. O’Connor in a story, shall we say, a bit more steampunk. Should hear on that one in about a week. I have an April Sullivan story in with Dark Oak Press for their Big Bad II Anthology and another quite strange story in with Dark Hall Press for their Cosmic Horror Anthology and am eagerly awaiting hearing back on both of those. The Dark Hall story was my first attempt at something a little Lovecraftian. I suppose the readers will let me know if I succeeded. Mr. Renehan’s (Dark Hall) prompts tend to bring out the darker side of Darin… Lastly, I have a steampunk story awaiting Dark Oak to open up their doors to that genre for the year.

So, with that as all the layers of the onion, my goals for 2014:

1) To finish Operation: Ghost Story by early spring so Stacey can get to work at doing what she does best.

2) To work with Stacey in whatever way possible to promote the first two projects to help bring them to light.

3) To write my April Sullivan novella and keep the tales of my wonderful little Necromancer For Hire rolling. (Poor Gavin…)

4) To write two more Gabriel O’Connor shorts for Miles’s Deep Sea and Superhero Monster Hunter anthologies. (Superhero one is already underway…)

5) To write everyday to the best of my ability. Any forward progress is forward progress.

And with that, it’s almost midnight. Time for Darin to hit the sack. To everyone, Happy New Years and may your 2014 be all you want it to be.


All you dare it to be.




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