Putting the “In Progress” in my WIP!


Took a few months off from blogging. Finished the Mussorgsky sequel, got it edited and pretty, and sent it off to my agent. Went from coast to coast selling books and spending QT with the prettiest girl in Charlotte. Holidays. Family and friends.

But I’m back…

Now, a little over a month into working on the third book and I just hit 15K. My stuff aims for the 100K mark, so I may hit the 1/5 point by next week. This new project is proving challenging and fun, two adjectives that always seem to go hand-in-hand when I sit down at the keyboard. Strange connections are magically forming as they have with the previous two books, characters are coming to life, and this trilogy is really coalescing well as the writing on this “finale” begins in earnest.

As for Book 2 and other projects, lots of stuff is going on behind the scenes, lots of new words are being created, and (hopefully) there’s going to be a lot of news coming up in the not too distant future. Stay tuned.

Happy 2016 to everyone. Two months in and it’s proving to be a pretty great year. Life is good.

And now, to quote Joey Tribbiani, “How you doin’?”


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