On the eve of my 42nd birthday

Something strange is afoot at the Circle K.

Something strange is afoot at the Circle K.

Tonight, many of my favorite people are coming over to celebrate my birthday (which is actually tomorrow), as well as enjoy general merriment and fun. Jay will likely bring spirits of multiple types. Eden will bring something baked that will no doubt be better than most of what you would get at a five-star restaurant. Nicole will bring serenity, as well as lurid tales of amorous encounters with wildebeests, sleestaks, and possibly a chimera for our entertainment. Aaron will salsa in the door and shake his money maker (his actually has made him money, to my understanding). Robyne will bring her sardonic wit. Bethany her unbridled enthusiasm. Margo her winning smile and contagious laugh.

We will of course be missing Matthew, who will be home helping care for his almost two week old son, and Lara, his wife, who was amazingly chipper over dinner two nights ago despite many sleepless nights of nursing, crying and diaper changes. Godspeed to you both, and may the full night’s sleep return as soon as possible.

This evening will begin with a viewing of the classic “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” and may segue into a “Bogus Journey” if we feel so led. I suspect the evening will devolve into random tales of awesomeness, conspiratorial plans of publishing industry takeover, and lots of laughter, the one thing you can count on with this group.

To my writers clutch, thanks for making Charlotte such a great place. It is an honor and a privilege to spend my Wednesday evenings with you and the occasional Saturday ripping you/me to shreds (in a polite and genteel manner, of course) And with that, I’m off to lunch, a thousand words, then getting this place in order for guests.

Staycation day 1 of 9 – here I come!

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