Mussorgsky Mondays – The Influence of Viktor Hartmann


Anyone who has done any research into the composition of Pictures at an Exhibition knows that this masterpiece was based on Mussorgsky’s experience of visiting a posthumous art exhibition featuring various paintings and other works created by his good friend, Viktor Hartmann. Many of the original pictures are lost to posterity, but there are many good sources about the various pieces that still exist and good conjecture about the ones that are gone. I found the linked article particularly illuminating as I was writing the story. I didn’t always keep to the facts, for at times the story all but demanded I take some dramatic license, but many of the basics are found here. Take a look. These paintings and others like them were what prompted a master to compose one of the most immortal pieces of music ever crafted. Also, show the writer of the article some love, if you will.

The Influence of Viktor Hartmann.

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