Mussorgsky Mondays – Taking a break


So, Mussorgsky Mondays was full steam ahead March through May, along with editing, editing, editing, and all other things book related. So where has it gone? Why no blogs?

I’ve taken the month of June off from the blog to catch up on everything else in my life and, quite frankly, to maintain sanity. June is the month every year that tries to eat my lunch. Many cool things occur in this month. New resident classes arrive. Old resident classes graduate. Partners go on vacation that I cover. Parties. Picnics. My birthday. Lots of awesome stuff. All this good stuff, however, as well as work (which strangely never seems to go away), tends to make time grow short this month every year. Never fear. All the edits for MR, as well as the final proof (effective one hour ago) are turned in and I’m back hard at work on “Operation: Ghost Story” for my agent’s careful eye hopefully later this summer. All is well. Just enjoying a little “break” this summer.

Next Monday is my 43rd birthday, and I suspect I will be writing a special post that day. See you there. Till then, happy reading.


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