Mussorgsky Mondays – Evgeny Kissin plays Pictures at an Exhibition



So why is this guy playing piano? Pictures at an Exhibition is a full orchestral piece, right?

Mussorgsky originally wrote Pictures as a suite for piano, and what the incomparable Evgeny Kissin is playing here is the original. This guy is pretty phenomenal. Watch his fingers move when he plays the last couple bars of Gnomus. I’m pretty sure I could practice the rest of my life and not play that two seconds of music correctly. And the end of The Marketplace at Limoges? That gets my official OMG for April (I allow myself one per month.) I guess that’s why the man has a full concert hall hanging on his every keystroke, right?

Many composers over the years have set Mussorgsky’s original piano score to a full orchestra, and none more famous than Ravel. Fear not, Ravel’s arrangement will be making appearance on this blog before long. There are a whole lot of Monday’s between now and the big release of The Mussorgsky Riddle and you should all be well versed in the music in question long before one Mira Tejedor hits the city and everything hits the fan.

By the way, if anyone can legitimately ask me why I wrote a book about this particular piece of music after watching this incredible performance, I know a couple of good psychiatrists who can help you.

And without further ado, Evgeny Kissin. (Who, ironically, was apparently born 3 months, 10 days after me…)


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