Mussorgsky Mondays – My Writing Goals


When you decide to become a writer, you should know what it is you hope to accomplish at various points in your career. For years now, I have established that I have had three main goals that I wished to achieve with my writing.

1) I want to walk into a Barnes & Noble and see a book I wrote sitting on the shelf.

2) I want a complete stranger to walk up to me and say, “Hey, I liked your book.”

3) I want Neil Gaiman to read my book and think, “Hey, that wasn’t that bad.”

Do I have other goals? Of course.

Would I like to be famous? Not sure. Maybe author famous, but not paparazzi famous. I’ll leave that to the fine people on Jersey Shore.

Would I like to be a best seller? Of course. But mainly because that would hopefully mean a lot of people really liked what I wrote.

Would I like to be rich? Again, of course.  However, as I’ve read a thousand times, if you’re doing this for the money, you are delusional at best… You write because you love it. And because not writing is unacceptable.

So for now, I’m sticking with the big three.

#2 has come true, so to speak. I’ve already received some very kind and heartwarming reviews through my publisher and on Goodreads, and knowing that those people enjoyed the story is enough to keep me going for a long time.

As for #1, first I’d like to again thank the fine people at Park Road Books in Charlotte, NC for hosting my Launch Party last Saturday. It was a huge success and I’m still touched and honored by all the friends, family, and others that came out to support me. You are who I write for and I hope to do you proud with this book and future projects. Here are some photos from the event (with more likely to follow):











After all was said and done, we sold 82 books that day, and again I am humbled and grateful for all the support. I left a few copies for the store before joining everyone over at Cantina 1511 and went back this week to find Scheherazade and Baba Yaga doing battle on the New Release shelf at Park Road Books!


But Goal #1 was to see the book on the shelf at Barnes & Noble, right? Well, my friend Regis Murphy posted this picture yesterday from Barnes & Noble – Birkdale, just north of Charlotte.

MR at BN

Naturally, I had to see it for myself, so Erin and I drove up to Birkdale yesterday for some Sunday afternoon sushi and to peruse the shelves at B&N. Goal #1, marked off the list. Here are the photos:



The nice girl who took our picture turned around and bought the book after we walked away… 🙂IMG_2569

Now, Regis may or may not have had something to do with the fact that I made it into a Barnes & Noble, as he is currently an employee of that fine establishment, but I will take it.

And right below Neil Gaiman to boot!

So – Goals #1 and #2 are complete. As for Goal #3? Well.. Mr. Gaiman, let me know what you think! 😉


Yes Neil, I know, I know. I should be writing. But there’s still time for one last photo from a particularly awesome evening a few years back.


And with that, it’s back to Project: Recapture the Lightning.

Now, if only my new Stravinsky CD would hurry up and get here. Oh well, back to YouTube… 😉


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