LibertyCon! This weekend in Chattanooga!


So this weekend in Chattanooga, I will be a part of LibertyCon, and couldn’t be more excited.

Looking forward to doing a few panels, a reading, some signings, and actually attending some of the panels as well in between.

Will be heading west with John Hartness and Gail Martin to spend the weekend with a host of awesome guests to include the Literary Guest of Honor, John Mayberry, as well as David B. Coe, Larry Correia, Rich Groller, Robby Hilliard, Chris Kennedy, Todd McCaffery, Bobby Nash, Gray Rinehart, Tedd Roberts,  and many more.


My schedule at LibertyCon is as follows:


Friday, 8 July – 3 pm – Autograph Session

Friday, 8 July – 5 pm – Opening Ceremonies

Friday, 8 July – 9 pm – Reading: Darin Kennedy & John Hartness

Saturday, 9 July – 10 am – Global Pandemics and Bio Security

Saturday, 9 July – 4-7 pm – Author’s Alley

Saturday, 9 July – 10 pm – Frontiers of Military Medicine

Saturday, 9 July – 11 pm – Mad Scientist Roundtable

Sunday, 10 July – 5 pm – Kaffeeklatsch



See you there! Darin


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