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I haven’t blogged in almost a month and felt the need to sit down and lay some white letters onto a grey background. Sorry about the cryptic title. Just having an introspective evening. The writing continues apace. Back on June 30th, my birthday, I made a promise to myself to write five pages a week for a year, and try to knock out my second novel (or come pretty close) in just over a year. At the time I was 58 pages in, and I am proud to say that up until this past week, I was able to keep up. However, the story has taken some interesting turns, and this past week, I only got about one page done, so I have nine pages to finish this week to catch up. It’s an interesting time in my story. Literally, for the first time in months, I’m relatively unsure what happens after the end of the next chapter. Chapter 9 of Book 2 sort of finishes up the initial plot line of the book, and segues into the next part of the story, a part that as of this moment I am undecided about which century it is should be set in, much less what is supposed to happen. It is both exciting and frustrating. My page goals, I am afraid may take a bit of a hit, but I’d rather have quality than quantity any day. Still, I want to keep pushing forward, so all in favor of my folks visiting the Wild West, say aye!

New feature to the blog (I lifted this idea from C. E. Murphy’s blog.)


Word Count thus far: 29182

Page Count thus far: 91

Goal for this week: 100 pages total by Sunday night.

Keep me honest everybody!!!

Hope everyone has a great week! I think weekly may work for the blog (got to do this more than monthly). I will let everyone know how my page count looks by Sunday. Later!


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