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Jessy Roberts, the editor at Pill Hill Press, has had my story “Solstice” since the beginning of May and I am relatively certain waited until today to let me know that it was accepted for their Dark Heroes anthology. Today is, after all, the summer solstice. I do so love it when life has symmetry. This is my eleventh short story in the last twelve months, my ninth with Pill Hill, and the third featuring my beautiful young necromancer, April Sullivan. Quite frankly, I like writing April. She’s cute, spunky, and can raise the dead. What’s not to like?

Dark Heroes will be out July or August 2011. Check it out, and if you want more April, her other two appearances are in Flesh and Bone: Rise of the Necromancers and Monster Mash, both available on Pill Hill website or Amazon, either of which you can get to via my publications page. Hope you all enjoy!


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