Hot Summer Nights

As I sat at Fran’s Filling Station last week eating the Meat Loaf, I sat and pondered the 2010 writing experience and tried to determine why I couldn’t just do it! My friend Eden, a truly modern girl, took the words right out of my mouth as we discussed our mutual wasted youth. As I sat to write this blog, it took me a minute to cast my mind back to that polenta-inspired train of thought, but it’s all coming back to me now. We are both working toward publication at this time, her in the arena of short story and me, a novel. Writing has clearly been a rough path, but now it’s out of the frying pan and into the fire. I mean, though the book is done and most of my beta readers have enjoyed it, the path to publication remains elusive. Why isn’t that enough? You could argue that two out of three ain’t bad, but as a writer who’s all revved up with no place to go, all I’ve got to say is that I’d do anything to get published, (but I won’t do that). I’ve had a dream, and though it might tear me down, it just won’t quit. Testify!

I had planned to be 2/3 of the way through the second book in my trilogy by my 39th birthday last week. I should have been home by now, no matter what, but like a bat out of hell, it’s been difficult to collect my thoughts of late. Far from forever young, this man of steel has been hanging with the lost boys and golden girls of my various writers groups and learning, even while letting my own forward progress stall out. Eden was telling me she felt her life was a lemon and I couldn’t have said it better myself. I mean, for crying out loud, is nothing sacred anymore? (Did I say that?

That being said, I have been a querying fiend for the last few weeks. The monster is loose, even while my mind’s eye is blind as a bat. Editing like crazy, and trying to remember if it ain’t broke, break it anyway if it makes the story better. If God could talk, he’d agree: seize the night, cry to heaven, be alive, edit bad for good, and remind everyone that objects in the rear view mirror are closer than they appear.

Okay, I know there’s not a dry eye in the house at this point. You’re right, I was wrong: I can do this. Just needed to vent a bit before getting back into it. To you my readers, I do this because of you. I’d love you out loud, I’d lie for you (and that ‘s the truth), and remind you that a kiss is a terrible thing to waste. May all of our rock and roll dreams come through as we find our way through midnight at the lost and found on the way to our nocturnal pleasure, and find, all of us, a dead ringer for love. The future ain’t what it used to be, but heaven can wait. Because though the good girls go to heaven, the bad girls go everywhere.

Good night everyone,


Special thanks to Jim Steinman, who helped me learn to see Paradise by the Dashboard Light

(and no, I’m not smoking anything…)

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