So, it occurred to me that being an author in the 21st century is a lot like being a gardener.

Your main crop is your novel. Like tomatoes, or any other plant, this needs sunlight and water (your time in the chair), fertilizer (time spent reading, with other writers, in critique groups, etc.), weeding (editing out those pesky adverbs, etc.) and eventually you take the product to market to sell.  But these days, it isn’t good enough to just grow good tomatoes. You have to tend to the zucchini (your Facebook), the squash (Twitter), and the strawberries (your website) as well as cater to your customers and make sure the environment around your various beds is clean and pleasant. It would be so easy if all you had to do was just grow your tomatoes, wouldn’t it? (not really, actually… growing tomatoes in this metaphorical exercise is actually quite hard… but I digress)

As of last week, I’m working to increase my gardening presence. My tomatoes are robust, I’m tending to my strawberries more, I’ve always been good at growing zucchini, but my squash skills are the pits – I can never remember to tweet – Hey, if I have something to say, I’ll say it! 😉

Add to that the green bean patch (Pinterest) which I’m trying to learn and all the other new plants I plan to check out (Reddit, Goodreads, Shelfari, etc.), and it seems like there’s not much time to grow tomatoes anymore.

My lesson from all this: Make sure you spend time on your tomatoes. That’s what you sell. Everything else is just to get people in the door.

In other words, I’ve been tending to other projects this week, but back at the editing this weekend for sure. We’ve got a book to launch and a whole bunch of tomato lovers to feed this fall/winter!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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