As I sit in my cousin’s lovely flat here in Edinburgh Scotland on the eve of my 41st birthday, I am thinking about how fortunate I am to have arrived at a point in my life when I can truly take some time off from work and enjoy life for a moment. Thanks to Mike, Robin, and Ben, who have been and continue to be awesome hosts. Tomorrow (actually today) apparently will involve a farmer’s market, a joust, a book signing (Lari Don and her wonderful book, First Aid for Fairies and Other Fabled Beasts), a fabulous dinner at an Italian restaurant in New Town and dessert at The Chocolate Tree. Can’t wait. More on Scotland in future posts.

This is the last entry in the old blog. Long neglected, the pending demise of MobileMe which happens in 24 hours and change has long been on my mind, and between the 47 million other opportunities to socially network on the internet, I’ve focused my efforts elsewhere as this blog was on a slow collision course with a Jobsian demise. My friend and fellow writer, C.L. Stegall is currently building me a new website which will house what I hope to be a new and exciting blog, where an reinvigorated Darin will hopefully wax poetic/philosophic/writerific for you all and capture your hearts and minds.

See you all on the flip side. C.L., thanks. You are the man. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.



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