Dream for an Insomniac

Status of current project:


Word Count thus far: 31398

Page Count thus far: 97

Goal for this week: 105 pages total by Sunday night.

Anyone who’s known me for a long time knows that I can sleep anywhere at anytime for any length of time. Well, lately – not so much. Not sure why, but my sleep isn’t worth a plug nickel lately and as a result, brain not feeling the whole writing thing lately. I am taking Naproxen for my aching bones (minor aches, nothing too bad), antacid for my upset stomach, and trying to get rid of stress. Even went shopping for a new mattress. This is serious!!! DK gotta sleep!!! That being said, I have fallen behind for the second week in a row and currently need to write about 8 pages to get caught up to goal. With Dragon Con this weekend, plus the 4 hour trip to Atlanta each way to get there and back, not sure how much writing will get done this week. I’m remaining optimistic, however. Trying to keep plugging along. Had another interesting thought about the Black Queen’s background today as to why fire may be her weapon of choice. Will try to be working that into the story sometime in the not so distant future.

Oh well, it’s officially hump day (or night) and tomorrow is my Thursday half day, so let’s see what I can do with half a day off. Me, Starbucks, and an afternoon: sounds like a plan.

Best wishes everyone!!! By the way, Dream for an Insomniac is a pretty decent indie film from the 90’s with Jennifer Aniston and Iona Skye – check it out!


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