Day Two

I must say, for a day that started with only five and a half hours of sleep under my belt, today turned out pretty well. Was it the plethora of no shows in morning clinic? The high percentage of cute kids with colds/minor issues that made the day go quickly? The satisfying diagnosis at the end of the day and the very satisfied patient that left the clinic to go get her CT scan? Hard to say.

Darin is home. Time to strip away the white coat and tie put on my virtual turtleneck and rectangular glasses and start making the magic happen. I plan to work on editing the rest of Chapter 13 of Pawn’s Gambit and getting it into the hands of my latest reader/sage Eden Royce for evaluation.

A quick shout out to my friend, Dwight Baldwin. His story “Repercussions” has just been published in a literary trade paperback called Iconic due out this summer. His story explores what would happen if Sherlock Holmes turned his attention on Jack the Ripper and the “repercussions” of such a meeting. It’s definitely worth a look!

That’s all for tonight. I’m off to edit, among other things. See you tomorrow!


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