Cover Coverage (that should cover it…)

First official news item. While at Dragon*Con a few weeks back, I discovered the artwork of Roy Mauritsen, a professional artist / graphic designer whose specialty is, of all things, fantasy chess artwork. Needless to say I was pretty sure I had found a kindred spirit. We’ve exchanged a few e-mails and he offered to produce a mock up cover for Book I. It is available for viewing on “The Pawn Stratagem” page. Take a look and make sure you check out Roy’s website at if you want to see some pretty cool fantasy chess artwork. Also, let me know what you think on the Guest Page. I just refurbished it earlier today so that it is a little more intuitive as to how to leave a comment. Guest pages are one thing that iWeb unfortunately does not do very well. Look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts on the cover idea and to Roy: THANKS!!!


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