ConCarolinas 2016 – This weekend in Concord!

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So this weekend at the Embassy Suites Charlotte – Concord, I return for my second year as a guest at ConCarolinas!

Looking to be another awesome year with all sorts of fantastic literary guests, panels, cosplayers, and cool stuff to buy.

I will be available at my table most of the time, but Misty Massey, our unstoppable literary track organizer, and Carol Cowles, the incredible fan track organizer, have me on eleven panels where you can come find me pontificating about subjects as disparate as magical babies and medicine at the end of the world to my thoughts on the most recent episodes of Doctor Who (spoiler: they were awesome).

My schedule is as follows…

Friday, 3 June – 5 pm – Mystic Pregnancies and Magic Babies

Friday, 3 June – 6 pm – New Who Review!

Friday, 3 June – 10 pm – Writers and Mental Illness

Saturday, 4 June – 10 am – DC on the Small Screen: The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Beyond

Saturday, 4 June – 11 am – Medicine After the End of the World (Moderator)

Saturday, 4 June – 1 pm – Medicine and the Alternative

Saturday, 4 June – 3 pm – The Trouble with Trilogies

Saturday, 4 June – 9:30 pm – The Walking Dead: Season in Review

Sunday, 5 June – 10 am – Using Real People, Places, and History in Your Fiction

Sunday, 5 June – 1 pm – How Deep is Your Subgenre

Sunday, 5 June – 2 pm – The End of It

This weekend promises to be a fun time with awesome people! Hope to see you there!




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