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I have been a proud member of Charlotte Writers Group for pretty much my entire time in Charlotte (starting Year 8… wow…) and am honored to be their first Interview with a Writer guest. This group, as much as anything, has helped me become the writer I am today and I owe a lot to the people I met there and friendships that have blossomed from our share passion for writing.

Special thanks to Brendan McKennedy who started the group back in 2008 and to Jay Requard who ran the group for the last three years after my stint as the head organizer from 2011-2012. The current leadership is an awesome collection of individuals and all good friends of mine. To Nicole, Melisa, Karen, and Eric – keep up the good work!

Here is a link to my interview on the Charlotte Writers Group website. Feel free to check it out as well as the rest of the website and if you are in the Charlotte, NC area and are a writer and are looking for a home, look no further!

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