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“The Long Game”

Blood Trails

Monster Hunter – Blood Trails

May 2014 – Emby Press

Benjamin Wilkes remembers the fateful night from his childhood

where the Bogeyman literally came out of his closet

and he was saved by the immortal monster hunter, Gabriel O’Connor.

Or does he?

Was it dream or reality?

He needs to find out soon, because the mysterious woman standing

before him is more than she seems and Ben’s fate may hang on the answer.

“Cold Hands, Warm Heart”


Re-Vamped – Blood, Lust, Revenge

April 2014 – Neophyte Press

Extra-marital affairs are at best dangerous and ill-advised,

but when a vampire is involved, all bets are off.

“The Eye of the Beholder”

DHP Cosmic Horror Anthology

Cosmic Horror Anthology

Feb 2014 – Dark Hall Press

Just another day on the Toronto subway, or so Patrick thought.

Compelled by the mysterious words of stranger after stranger he meets,

he braves the darkened subway tunnel to find his destiny,

a destiny chosen for him by an ancient power, neither of which he can escape.

“Tom Roan’s Widow”

DHP Ghost Anthology

Ghost Anthology

Sep 2013 – Dark Hall Press

A ghost haunts the small town of Butler, Tennessee,

and she’s not particularly nice to strangers.

If you’re travelling the Appalachian area,

be careful who you talk to.

It might just be your last conversation.

“Solomon” – a tale of April Sullivan, Necromancer for Hire


The Big Bad: An Anthology of Evil

May 2013 – Dark Oak Press

April Sullivan’s fifth appearance,

this story is told from the point of view of the villain,

an ancient demon called Solomon who intends to feast

on the souls of thirteen innocent children with April for dessert

unless our favorite necromancer can find a way to stop him.



The Sicilian Defense and Other Dark Tales


The Sicilian Defense and Other Dark Tales

December 2012 – 64Square Publishing

My second epublication, this is a collection

of some of my published short stories.


Necromancer for Hire: The April Sullivan Chronicles

Necromancer for Hire: The April Sullivan Chronicles

October 2012 – 64Square Publishing

My first epublication, this is a collection

of the first four April Sullivan stories,

though this volume will continue to grow

as April’s legend continues to spread.

“The Sicilian Defense”

Chess Life Oct 2012

October 2012 – Chess Life Magazine

Ray found himself enjoying the bizarre chess match against his invisible foe,

that is until the people that meant the most to him began to die one by one,

as if they were being removed from the board themselves…

“Leap of Faith”

Daily Frights 2012

Daily Frights 2012

December 2011 – Pill Hill Press

Sometimes you should take a leap of faith and accept that outstretched hand.

Sometimes you shouldn’t.

“Drink Up”

Short Sips - Coffee House Flash Fiction Collection 2

Short Sips – Coffee House Flash Fiction Collection 2

September 2011 – Wicked East Press

Two men. One glass filled with clear liquid rests between them.

This “short sip” is far more than it appears…