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Fugue & Fable Update

So – An update for everyone on the Fugue & Fable books.

At the end of July 2018, I and my publisher for that series, Curiosity Quills Press, parted ways–quite amicably, to be clear–so I could go in a different direction and explore a different space.

As a result, the trilogy, comprising The Mussorgsky Riddle, The Stravinsky Intrigue, and The Tchaikovsky Finale, are not currently available on Amazon or anywhere else. CQP took down all the books from online availability and did so at my request.

I will still have paperback copies at my remaining events for 2018, so if you want a physical copy, come see me. Also, the first two are still available in audiobook format from Amazon/Audible.  Otherwise, however, the books are not available for online purchase.

At least for now…

All I will say at this time is plans are afoot.

Watch this space for more details.

And happy reading!


Cover Reveal for The Tchaikovsky Finale!

The Fugue and Fable series concludes

19 Dec 2017 with

Book III – The Tchaikovsky Finale

Special thanks to Brice Chaplet for such a jaw-dropping cover!

Preorders available soon!

Pawn’s Gambit Release Today!


Today is the official release date for Pawn’s Gambit from Falstaff Books, and I couldn’t be more excited!

As many of you know, this is the first novel I ever wrote, and though I’m a couple years into this whole publishing thing, this is the book I always imagined would be my first. Pawn’s Gambit is a story that’s been brewing inside me for the better part of thirty years and to see it finally available for the world to read is a dream come true. This marriage of contemporary fantasy, superheroes, and chess with just a sprinkle of romance brings together several of my worlds and I can’t wait for everyone to have a chance to read.

Thanks to John Hartness and Jay Requard at Falstaff for taking a chance on this book, to Roy Mauritsen for the gorgeous cover, to Sharon Pickrel and Melissa Gilbert for an awesome editing job, and to Susan Roddey for the beautiful interior layout.

Avengers + Magic + Chess = Pawn’s Gambit… Available now!!!

Come and get me...

The Mussorgsky Riddle Nominated for the 2016 Manly Wade Wellman Award


This Saturday, 16 Jul 2016, the announcement of the winner of the 2016 Manly Wade Wellman Award from the North Carolina Speculative Fiction Foundation will be made. I am among the nominees with The Mussorgsky Riddle as well as good friend Gail Z. Martin with THREE different books nominated: War of Shadows, Iron & Blood, & Vendetta; traveling buddy John Hartness for Raising Hell and the talented Ursula Vernon for Castle Hangnail. I am excited just to have been nominated among such awesome and experienced authors and can’t wait for Saturday night where we can all celebrate the winner! Here’s a link to the press release.

LibertyCon! This weekend in Chattanooga!


So this weekend in Chattanooga, I will be a part of LibertyCon, and couldn’t be more excited.

Looking forward to doing a few panels, a reading, some signings, and actually attending some of the panels as well in between.

Will be heading west with John Hartness and Gail Martin to spend the weekend with a host of awesome guests to include the Literary Guest of Honor, John Mayberry, as well as David B. Coe, Larry Correia, Rich Groller, Robby Hilliard, Chris Kennedy, Todd McCaffery, Bobby Nash, Gray Rinehart, Tedd Roberts,  and many more.


My schedule at LibertyCon is as follows:


Friday, 8 July – 3 pm – Autograph Session

Friday, 8 July – 5 pm – Opening Ceremonies

Friday, 8 July – 9 pm – Reading: Darin Kennedy & John Hartness

Saturday, 9 July – 10 am – Global Pandemics and Bio Security

Saturday, 9 July – 4-7 pm – Author’s Alley

Saturday, 9 July – 10 pm – Frontiers of Military Medicine

Saturday, 9 July – 11 pm – Mad Scientist Roundtable

Sunday, 10 July – 5 pm – Kaffeeklatsch



See you there! Darin


ConCarolinas 2016 – This weekend in Concord!

ConCarolinas 2015 banner

So this weekend at the Embassy Suites Charlotte – Concord, I return for my second year as a guest at ConCarolinas!

Looking to be another awesome year with all sorts of fantastic literary guests, panels, cosplayers, and cool stuff to buy.

I will be available at my table most of the time, but Misty Massey, our unstoppable literary track organizer, and Carol Cowles, the incredible fan track organizer, have me on eleven panels where you can come find me pontificating about subjects as disparate as magical babies and medicine at the end of the world to my thoughts on the most recent episodes of Doctor Who (spoiler: they were awesome).

My schedule is as follows…

Friday, 3 June – 5 pm – Mystic Pregnancies and Magic Babies

Friday, 3 June – 6 pm – New Who Review!

Friday, 3 June – 10 pm – Writers and Mental Illness

Saturday, 4 June – 10 am – DC on the Small Screen: The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Beyond

Saturday, 4 June – 11 am – Medicine After the End of the World (Moderator)

Saturday, 4 June – 1 pm – Medicine and the Alternative

Saturday, 4 June – 3 pm – The Trouble with Trilogies

Saturday, 4 June – 9:30 pm – The Walking Dead: Season in Review

Sunday, 5 June – 10 am – Using Real People, Places, and History in Your Fiction

Sunday, 5 June – 1 pm – How Deep is Your Subgenre

Sunday, 5 June – 2 pm – The End of It

This weekend promises to be a fun time with awesome people! Hope to see you there!




Look out Virginia! Here I Come! RavenCon 2016


If you are in the Williamsburg, VA area this weekend, come find me at RavenCon!

It’s their first year in Williamsburg, and I’m looking forward to checking out the new venue, doing some panels, hanging with readers/writers, and sending home some fine people with shiny new books.

Here is my schedule for the event:


7 pm (Opening Ceremonies) Large Auditorium

11 pm (Panel) Too Many Retcons? / Room G / Moderator


3 pm (Panel) Writing a Strong Teen Protagonist / Room F

6 pm (Panel) Why Comics Matter / Room F / Moderator

8 pm (Panel) Flash, Green Arrow, and Supergirl: DC Conquers TV / Room G

10 pm (Panel) Dream Re-casting / Room G / Moderator

11 pm (Presentation/Workshop) Ask a (Mad) Scientist / Room E


11 am (Panel) Disabled Characters / Room E / Moderator


Hope to see you there!


Addendum 1 – Photo Op!



Addendum 2 – A couple articles on this years Ravencon 11. Check them out! – Link and Link.

An EPIC Achievement


On April 15th, 2016, The Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition – EPIC – announced the Winner of the 2016 eBook Awards and I was excited to find out The Mussorgsky Riddle won the award for Best Fantasy / Paranormal Fiction. A link to their page and the list of winners in their various categories can be found here.

To be honest, I entered the contest just to see how the whole thing worked and was pleasantly surprised when I was named one of the five finalists and even more when my little tale of murder, mystery, and classical music came out on top. Hats off to all the other finalists and thanks to the fine people at EPIC!

Loch Norman Highland Games


Loch Norman Highland Games – 16 Apr 2106

Top of the morning to ya!

Just letting everyone know I will be out at the Loch Norman Highland Games on Saturday only. I will be spending most of the day with the prettiest wee lass at the fair, but for the first few hours I will likely be selling books near the gate. Feel free to drop by and say hi!

Thanks to Jim Nettles for the invitation. Clan Erskennedy is looking forward to getting our bagpipes on. (Is that a thing?)

Of note, Jim may be selling a few books of his own and you should check out his stuff. Anyone who writes about gnomes who are being murdered and turned into garden statuary deserves a read!

Hope to see you all out at the Games!


P.S. For all you Caber tossers out there, my website is Doctor by Day, Novelist by Night. In case of emergency, I can check for hernias…


Words Awake!


Words Awake! – 8-9 Apr 2016 at

Wake Forest University – Winston-Salem, NC

This event is more than a bit of a homecoming for me.

I was pleasantly surprised a few months back to be invited by Thomas O. Phillips to return to my alma mater at Wake Forest University, which also happens to be located in my hometown of Winston-Salem, NC, to participate in the second iteration of Words Awake! – a celebration of Wake Forest writers and writing in general. This two-day event brings together writers and readers and students and teachers and all lovers of the written word and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it!

On Friday, I and three of the other authors will spend most of the day at Parkland High School talking to the students there on various aspects of writing from both the artistic and business side of the house, and then the rest of Friday and all day Saturday will be spent on the Wake Forest University campus in the main celebration, the full schedule of which can be found here.

To any of you Wake alumni who happen to still be in the area, hope to see you out at this event or at another event in the future.

Who knows? If this goes well, perhaps I’ll be invited back someday for Words Awake 3!