Big Bad Signing


Today was awesome! Eight of the thirty authors in The Big Bad: An Anthology of Evil, me among them, gathered at the Barnes & Noble in Columbia, SC from 4-6 for a signing. We sold about twenty-five copies and all signed each others books as well. It was a great time with lots of laughter, stories, great people, and for the first hour and a half, we were signing pretty much non-stop. Great times with Matthew Saunders and Miss Nico Serene on the way down with our own private Alapalooza. So great to see all the other authors and a big thanks to everyone who came out. Hope you enjoy all of our stories. Lastly, a special thanks to Sara Taylor Woods who organized the whole thing and gathered us together for this event.

At least the six of us that are local will be doing it again in August, this time at The Last Word bookstore in the University area of Charlotte. Will post here in a few weeks with the details! And with that, DK is signing off. It’s been a long day…



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