Big Bad Signing II (as opposed to Big Bad II Signing, which will, God willing, be next year… but I digress)



The forces of evil gathered today at The Last Word Bookstore. Kind of like The Breakfast Club, but instead of a brain, a princess, an athlete, a criminal, and a basket case, we had a zombie, a demon, a vampire, a djinn, a serial killer, and a fetish powered monster – or at least their creators.

This was the second outing of our intrepid band of storytellers and we had a great time. From 2-5 we chatted with readers, signed books, discussed wheelhouses (apparently), and generally made a not quite nuisance of ourselves. Thanks so much for everyone who came out on a rainy Saturday. (In Charlotte in the summer of 2013, who would’ve thought that could happen?) Whether you bought a book, or just gave us a metaphorical (or literal) high five, we appreciate it.

Now, all of us are putting our noses to the grindstone, for the call for submissions for The Big Bad II is on the horizon. If you see us at Starbucks/Caribou/our front porch typing and talking to ourselves, don’t worry. We’re okay.

What an awesome group of people to spend a Saturday afternoon with! Truly an honor to share pages with each and every one of you. May the words flow from your fingertips like a river and the adverbs fall from your manuscripts like lemmings from a cliff edge. And with that, I am off to write.


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