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Just got back from the AAFP Scientific Assembly where I got to hang out with one of my best friends from medical school, Dr. Megan Dishop, pediatric pulmonary pathologist extraordinaire. Learned that she has been invited to not just one, but two international pathology conferences – one in Brazil and one in Austria. After recovering from the initial shock of not being invited to either (wink) I was so excited for her and so proud. She will be spending several days in the Amazon jungle with some of her family which I am certain will be quite the adventure.

As for me, the only Amazon experience I have to speak of this week is that all four Pill Hill Press horror anthologies with my various stories are now available on Amazon (as well as Joseph Beth’s website, and two of the four on Links to all four of the titles at their various sites of availability are on my Publications page. By the way, to be clear, I have no financial interest in selling these books – Pill Hill has already paid (or not paid, as the case may be) for the various stories. Still, if you’d like to read the stories, just letting you know where you can get them. (Note, some of the books are on sale at the Pill Hill website through Halloween – check out all the links to compare prices.)

Here are pictures of the various anthologies available now:

ENJOY!!! And come out to Park Road Books on 10-10-10 from 2-5 for a book signing on at least Flesh and Bone and Bloody Carnival (and cross your fingers for Fem-Fangs!).

Happy October everyone!


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