And the winner for Worst Blogger Ever goes to…

Worst Blogger


I have every intention of being a great blogger, writer, author, doctor, friend, brother, son, human being, etc. Then that whole 24 hours in a day thing kicks in. Burn the candle at both ends a few days in a row and I end up with a summer cold. Try to work on getting out and doing stuff and the writing suffers. Try to get some writing done and want nothing more than to be outside for all the beautiful weather. Is the grass really greener over there? Sure looks like it.

In other words: Hi! and welcome back to my blog. (That’s me talking to myself as much as you, kind reader.) Back in September 2012, I kicked off this whole “Checkered Ramblings” thing, and since then, other than putting up a couple of publications, haven’t been back. Had time to accumulate about 3700 spam messages in the filter since I was last on, and have sentenced them all to WordPress Purgatory. Now that it’s all cleared out, all publications up, and I’m feeling a bit motivated again, I’m going to follow my friend Jay’s  lead and try to get in one blog a week. I can do that, right?

So, starting this Saturday, we’ll get started. A proposal I am considering:

First Saturday of the month – A writing related post

Second Saturday of the month – Something a bit more personal

Third Saturday of the month – State of the Union (Agent, Publishing, etc.)

Fourth Saturday of the month – Something funny

Fifth Saturday of the month – Hey, I’ll write something if I feel like it. 😉


All right everyone, it’s going to take a village to raise this blogger. Keep me honest.

And now, to work on putting a 25th hour in this day and get back to my new steampunk story…

Happy Writing!!!

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  • Robert Paul

    Good to see your blog active again. Don’t beat yourself up, being a writer ain’t easy. Chin up. One step at a time. I told you so. Did you hear all those platitudes. Being a writer is… Sometimes there just aren’t words. Stay Stone Green

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