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So… I awoke to a pleasant surprise today: an excellent review of a story that I first wrote and published four years ago.

Back in 2010, the second short story I ever published was “Cold Hands, Warm Heart” in the Fem-Fangs female vampire anthology from the now-defunct Pill Hill Press. It was a fun story, but buried in an anthology that resembled a small phone book, it kind of got lost. Then Pill Hill went under and the book went out of print. End of story? No.

Earlier this year, editors Ty Schwamberger (the original editor of Fem-Fangs) and Adam Lewis decided to open their own small press called Neophyte Press and decided to quite literally “revamp” the old Fem-Fangs anthology into something new. Thus, Re-Vamped – Blood, Lust, Revenge was born. Taking 19 of the stories from the original anthology and bringing them forward into a Kindle book, they poured new blood into some old stories. And that brings us to the present.

This morning on my Facebook feed, there was a friend request from Jeremy Price, a reviewer at Up All Night Horror Fiction Review and a link on my timeline to the review below. I just wanted to say thanks to Jeremy for his kind words. Glad you enjoyed the story.

Here’s a link back to the original review.

And here is the review: After reading this review, if you’re interested in buying this anthology of 19 stories for your Kindle or Kindle-app device, look here.

“Re-Vamped: Blood Lust Revenge (2014) is an anthology of short horror fiction stories all about female vampires.  As the title suggests, these are not your average vampire stories.  These stories are full of heart-pounding twists that will make you crave more down to the last drop.

Just when I was growing weary of reviewing the same old anthology over and over (you know the one with a few great stories, a number of mediocre pieces, and one or two unmentionables that somehow slip through the cracks), I found this one.  The tales in Re-Vamped feature a full cast of dominant female vampires who know how to use their beauty and charm to seduce even the most determined victims to their doom.  These deadly vixens have a desire for blood that is insatiable.

The talent of this group of authors is outstanding.  Martha J Allard adorns the pages of Re-Vamped with the complex and intriguing storyline of Getting Fixed.  In this work of short horror, Allard recounts a terrifying tale of a vampire named Casey who has taken up selling hits of her tainted blood to a unique group of junkies with a hunger for the flowing crimson of the damned.  In High Stakes, Kelly Metz continues to carve her niche in the world of horror fiction with an action packed narrative about a vamp who has never made her first kill who hires a hunter to help rescue her younger sister from the clutches a full-fledged bloodsucker known as Madam Death.  High Stakes is a well-developed, original story with multifaceted characters.  At last, my favorite piece in this book is Darin Kennedy’s Cold Hands, Warm Heart.  In this one, Robert enjoys all of the fruits of a lengthy marriage to a much older woman, e.g., unconditional love, money, and a nice home.  However, there is one downfall to this arrangement, and we all know what that is.  This is where Daphne enters the picture.  Daphne is young, sexy, and sophisticated with a pleasantly seductive demeanor and remarkably cold hands.  Robert is her own toy as much as she is his.  Nevertheless, when Daphne has an unexpected encounter with Robert’s wife Elizabeth, Daphne cannot take her mind off her.  Cold Hands, Warm heart is a passionately creepy story with a shocking ending.  Re-Vamped is definitely the best vampire themed anthology that I have ever read.

I give Re-Vamped: Blood Lust Revenge 5 / 5 stars!

Re-Vamped: Blood Lust Revenge is now available from Neophyte Press for Kindle at Amazon.”

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