Your move…

Darin Kennedy - Chess

Welcome! You have arrived at the official website of Darin Kennedy, Doctor by Day, Novelist by Night.

An author of contemporary and dark fantasy, his debut novel, a paranormal mystery titled The Mussorgsky Riddle, is set for publication 12 January 2015 from Curiosity Quills Press. Represented by  literary agent, Stacey Donaghy at Donaghy Literary Group, he continues work on his fantasy chess trilogy, The Pawn Stratagem, of which the first novel, Pawn’s Gambit, is complete. Another novel, affectionately codenamed “Operation: Ghost Story” is currently making the rounds at a several publishing houses, many of whom make Darin’s little writer’s heart go all pitter patter. That along with a slew of short stories about hot necromancers, immortal monster hunters and various things that go bump in the night, round out this writers somewhat eclectic taste in story subject matter.

Special thanks to my good friends and fellow authors, C.L. Stegall and J. Matthew Saunders for their invaluable help in developing this website.

In keeping with the chess theme of many of my stories, my blog is called “Checkered Ramblings” and I hope everyone finds it informative and entertaining. Feel free to share anything you find there of interest on the social media site of your choice.

To contact me more directly, please e-mail at – I’m currently on FacebookTwitter, Goodreads, and Pinterest and will continue to reach out and explore new social media as time allows.

And with that, I will leave you with five words from one of my favorite movies that have gotten me through many a hard time and of late, seem to have finally paid off.

Never give up. Never surrender.